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What is this ReFi?

With the pool where investors in the crypto sector such as Defi Projects collect their funds, Sky RealFi Protocol (SRFP) will regularly distribute both the interest income and the profits that will be made in the real sector of business lines and projects that it will be an investor in the real sector to its investors through its own dashboard. SRFP will revolutionize the financial bridge between the crypto sector and the real world, from being one-way to two-way. Since the real sector earnings, the fiat money, will provide a regular entry into the crypto sector, it will lead to a more solid foundation and income diversification of the crypto sector.

What is the difference of SRFP?

SRFP will contribute to the creation of employment due to the bridge role it will create in both the real sector and the crypto sector. It will also add value. It will support the use of cryptocurrencies in today's world and implement and support the necessary hardware and software developments with the R&D and experience it will make in all these processes.

Why should we have SRFP NFT's?

Each SRFP NFT will be worth 2,000 SRFP tokens. And it is limited to only 5,000 pieces. SRFP NFTs will only be on sale during the pre-sale period and will then be closed for sale.

In addition, the NFT value will increase with the index to the Token price.

You will be able to regularly collect 2000 tokens from the investment profits (SRFP token and BUSD), which will be regularly distributed every month in return for the NFTs you hold.

Why Choose Our Token?

Real sector investments are integrated into the blockchain
We create a strong fund together with small and large investors
We invest in the real sector with our crypto assets by building realfi
We share our regular income and profits with our investors
The only crypto project that distributes monthly profits as both tokens and stablecoins
We will complete it with a motto that will provide belonging to people

Token Allocation & Funds Distribution

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Blockchain technology in real world asset investments.

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