SkyRealFi Protocol

Blockchain technology in real world asset investments.

Established and developing since 2009, the crypto sector
continues to develop in virtual sectors such as Web3.0,
metaverse, De-Fi, DEX and stock markets. This
development feels the need to provide its own liquidity and
capital from a certain point.

To date, the crypto sector has created its own world by
standing up with investment or savings funds from the real
system. However, with the financial power and blockchain
technology in the crypto sector, the smart contract
revolution in real-life business lines has slowly started to
enter our lives.

This is where Sky RealFi Protocol comes into play. De-Fi
projects; They are projects that solve the financial
problems of crypto investors with the funds they collect in
the crypto sector and that work like a factoring or bank that
creates resources for R&D. Investors invest their funds in
return for a certain interest by transferring their funds to
De-Fi projects. Sky RealFi Protocol, on the other hand,
aims to create the ReFi (Real Finance, Real World Assets)
category as an alternative to the Defi category.